Why expats should watch the spring equinox sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple?

TAP Team
13 March 2023
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The equinox at Angkor Wat is a spectacular natural event that occurs twice a year during the spring and fall equinoxes. It is a unique experience that offers expats and tourists the opportunity to witness the sun rising behind the central tower of the Angkor Wat temple, creating an incredible visual effect of the sun's rays illuminating the temple's central chamber. Here are some reasons why expats should see the equinox at Angkor Wat:

• Witness a Rare Phenomenon: The equinox at Angkor Wat is a rare astronomical event that occurs only twice a year. It is a unique opportunity to witness the alignment of the sun with the temple's central tower, which was designed to capture this particular phenomenon.

• Experience the Ancient Khmer Culture: Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most significant archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. Seeing the equinox at Angkor Wat provides a glimpse into the ancient Khmer culture and their remarkable architectural and engineering prowess.

• Appreciate the Beauty of Nature: The equinox at Angkor Wat is a stunning display of the beauty of nature. Watching the sun's rays illuminate the temple's central chamber creates a magical and awe-inspiring moment that will stay with you forever. Learn from Expert Guides: Many expert guides are available to help you understand the significance of the equinox at Angkor Wat and the history of the temple complex. Their knowledge and insights can deepen your appreciation of this unique experience.

• Explore the Temple Complex: In addition to witnessing the equinox, expats can explore the vast temple complex of Angkor Wat, which covers over 400 acres and includes multiple temples and structures. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the ancient Khmer civilization and their legacy.

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According to Apsara Authority announced on 11th March 2023 that the Spring Angkor Wat Equinox will occur on March 21, affording the public and tourists a chance to visit and take pictures. Overall, witnessing the equinox at Angkor Wat is a must-see event for expats and tourists alike. It provides a unique opportunity to experience the ancient Khmer culture, appreciate the beauty of nature, and deepen one's understanding of the world around us. In order to get there on time, there are several transportation options available to get there: Tuk-Tuk, Bicycle, Motorbike, Car and Private Taxi. Out of these options, Tap is a private and intercity taxi in Cambodia and also well-known is a great choice for expats visiting Angkor Wat. Tap Taxi offers reliable and affordable transportation to and from Angkor Wat, and their drivers are experienced and knowledgeable about the area. They offer air-conditioned vehicles for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Tap taxi also has an app that expats can use to book rides, making it convenient and hassle-free. You can enjoy with city tour by their driver, good customer services as well. Overall, Tap taxi is a great transportation option for expats visiting Angkor Wat at 4 am in the morning for the beautiful sunrise.

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